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Vintage Shoot - 3rd wardrobe change

Vintage Shoot – 3rd wardrobe change

Opportunities like this Vintage Shoot are one of the reasons I love belonging to a camera club. On The Rocks Camera Club specifically, because of the amazing technical evenings and outings.

This month Arlene Colby Mullins and Pierre Retief (plus a few other amazing people behind the scenes whose names I do not know – wardrobe botique, stylist and station master) managed to organize a Vintage shoot with clothing supplied by a botique in Morningside and with permission from Bruce to use the trains at the Inchanga Station in KwaZulu Natal. Our model was Nicole Colby Mullins.

We were lucky to have a few wardrobe changes to play with but had to shoot fairly quickly with the changing light to allow all the camera club photographers equal opportunity to shoot.

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The first set of images is on the platform boarding the train, waving hello or good bye and on the train waiting to leave the station in the dining carriage.

Portrait photography is something I really struggle with so these are great opportunities to practise and pick the brains of those that know what they’re doing. Always difficult to do as they need to get their images too but they are always so willing to help.

The next set of images with the second wardrobe change of a gorgeous wedding gown.These were taken at the back of the train which was backlit by the setting sun.


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I really battled with the lighting especially with these as the train was backlit and my flash was overheating and not firing everytime (time to invest in a decent one).

The next wardrobe change we moved back to the platform with luggage and a trolley. This was a huge challenge as the angle of the sun made for some very harsh lighting.

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