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My Wealthy Affiliate Honest review for 2019

  • 13/10/2019
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I recently started with Wealthy Affiliate and this is my Wealthy Affiliate Honest review for 2019. I say for 2019 as I’m pretty sure I’ll be here for a very long time as the services offered are bar none and I believe this is going to be around for a very long time.

I’m going to discuss the various tools available at Wealthy Affiliate and how they can benefit you.

Firstly I’ve had a website for a few years and have been using WordPress which I’ve really battled with and a lot of the online WordPress courses have been a little confusing.

The training available on Wealthy Affiliate is not only Affiliate Marketing related but even includes WordPress.

When you first log into the Wealthy Affiliate website you are greeted by an easy to use Dashboard which clearly shows you all the sections available to you. making it very user friendly no matter how IT challenged  you may be.

I love that you are not pushed to go pro right from the beginning and have access to a lot of content for free.

What Is Wealthy Affiliates Bootcamp

This is training that takes you through affiliate marketing right from the very beginning. You are taught about creating a website including all the SEO traning and this is using WordPress and hosting with wordpress and you can even do this on the free version. You learn all the ins and outs as well as the dos and don’ts of affiliate marketing and includes an online entrepeneurship certification.  If you have no idea how to build a website or where even to start this teaches you absolutely everything you have to know and its amazing at how quickly you get your first Google Ranking!

What about the Wealthy Affiliate Support?

There is so much support available through various areas of the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.  The wealthy affiliate community is made up of affiliate marketing experts like Kyle and Carson who own WA and members that have been around a while right through to beginners like myself.

There is Live Chat and the Help Centre and as your’e moving through the traninging you can ask questions that are answered fairly quickly making the learning process much more enjoyable.

Top Affiliate Traning

I feel that the website offers the best online affiliate traning I have found to date.  The training courses are step by step with video content and there are weekly live classes with 100’s of hours of replays available.  Of course there is also a lot of networking available within the community and some people also offer personal mentoring.

Website Keyword Tool

They use the Jaaxy Keyword tool for finding keywords. Of course you can use any free Google keyword research tool but I have found this one to be amazing for more than just keywords.

The Jaaxy tool is great for a host of other research and is available to both free and paid memebers to varying degrees.  There is even a section to look up affiliate links for so many different niches which is really really handy.

Website Content Writing Tools

There are a variety of website content writing tools availble through the website tab on the Dashboard.

You can manage and build your website right from your dashboard instead of wordpress itself which I really enjoy. This includes site comments, content and you can even request site feedback from other members. There is even technical site support available which has been absolutely invaluable.

Live Events – Affiliate Marketing

There are live events available for every possible thing relating to affiliate marketing and how to make it work for you.  The information is extensive which I believe is what makes Wealthy Affiliate the best Affiliate Marketing programme out there.

Affiliate Programs

There is also a section on Affiliate programs which will help you to find what you are looking for in your niche.  There really is something for everyone and with all the support available it would be very difficult not to make this a success.

I hope this review has given you a general overview of what’s available on Wealthy Affiliate and that you are going to come and join us to start making money online.

I am not able to compare the program to any others as I’m so happy here I haven’t bothered to look elswhere. Of course I’m always open to options as I believe it’s not clever to keep all your eggs in one basket but I also wanted to just give this a chance and crack on with all the training available.

Not only can you make money online working from home or somewhere else, but you get to go on trips with Wealthy Affiliate too!



13/10/2019 | 16:06

This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. From what I found and experienced, Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best all-in-one solution for bloggers beginners and experts alike. Great hosting, a keyword tool, training, a large community to network with, and so much more can be received with one payment. What’s your favorite thing about Wealthy Affiliate?


13/10/2019 | 16:29

it has to be the training I enjoy the most!


13/10/2019 | 16:25

Thank you for this great article. Like you, I had tried to start my own websites, but didn’t really know how. I wish I had found wealthy affiliate sooner, because they taught me how to actually set up the menus and pics of keywords and actually get indexed on Google. When I was trying to do websites on my own I didn’t know getting indexed on Google was a thing. The information might be somewhere online but I found it at wealthy affiliate.

So far I am on my third month of a premium membership. I think it’s been worth it, and I’m just going to follow the process. I started with a niche website. Have a great day.


13/10/2019 | 16:28

I have enjoyed reading and reviewing ‘My Wealthy Affiliate Honest review for 2019’ those paragraphs for each section of WA were persist and enlightening I would ask that you add more photos to help the reader know which item or section of WA you were taking about so that if they wanted to display this section as they read along they could drive along with your  description. Keep up the good work this was very well written and thought out.  


13/10/2019 | 16:57

Of all the affiliate marketing websites I’ve encountered on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate is the best by far. A friend had referred me to the platform and now, all I have for her is nothing but thanks. When I started out, I was quite inexperienced but that wasn’t much of an issue with Wealthy Affiliate. The instructional training was very helpful and with the aid of the amazing people in the platform’s community, I was able to elevate myself and find a good footing in the affiliate marketing business. 

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