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Vintage Shoot with OTRCC

Opportunities like this Vintage Shoot are one of the reasons I love belonging to a camera club. On The Rocks Camera Club specifically, because of the amazing technical evenings and outings. This month Arlene Colby

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Durban Sunset

These images of Durban Sunset were taken from the top of the Embassy Building. They were taken on two different outings with On the Rocks Camera Club and Hillcrest Camera Club Some were taken with

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Tala – August 2015

feel free to contact me at

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OTRCC Outings – Moyo Pier and Durban Botanical Gardens – January 2015

  This was the first of many OTRCC outings for 2015. We started at Moyo Pier for sunrise then headed to Durban Botanical Gardens for some tea and scones and more photography of course. Who could resist

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