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Holiday Boot Camp – July 2016

During the July 2016 school holidays my daughters attended Holiday Boot Camp at Bootcamp SA in Giba Gorge. They have been attending Holidy Boot Camp since they were 9 and 10 years old and

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Drakensberg Ampitheatre Hike

Over the Easter Weekend, my family and a few friends headed off to hike up the chain ladders to the top of the Ampitheatre. My aim for the hike was to photograph the Tugela

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camping… studies… and trips away

Camping, studies and trips away, all the fun things that have been keeping me really busy and away from updating this still very new blog. So much has happened and is happening that I

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Ballito sunrise

In November 2015 we decided to use our timeshare for a midweek break at Club Ten in Ballito. It was a surprise for my daughters as they had no idea I had been scheming

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Mkhuze – October 2015


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Tala – August 2015

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Cathedral Peak – July 2015

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OTRCC Outings – Moyo Pier and Durban Botanical Gardens – January 2015

  This was the first of many OTRCC outings for 2015. We started at Moyo Pier for sunrise then headed to Durban Botanical Gardens for some tea and scones and more photography of course. Who could resist

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