Welcome to my blog.

Together with my family we have been to some beautiful places around KwaZulu Natal in South Africa where we’ve enjoyed many weekends camping or making good use of our timeshare either in the mountains or on the beach.

Drakensberg Ampitheatre in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

This blog is about a few of those trips and our experiences and a lot of my photography as that is always something I can’t wait to do.

You’ll find photos from camping trips as well as outings with the camera club that I belonged to and then stuff that I’ve just found interesting so decided to add just because I can from projects I’m working on to things we enjoy doing as a family.

I love photographing fast cars

My family and I have relocated to the United Kingdom and we are enjoying exploring and I look forward to adding many more memories as we make them in our new home.

Just had to visit Santapod as we love this sort of thing as a family as well



overlooking Derwent Water from the Cats Bells hike













As I’ve been going along creating posts I’ve discovered that there is a lot more I have to say and I have started adding posts that have more to do with just me and stuff that I get up to and some of that is with my family (well mostly) although that’s more difficult now that one of them has upped and moved out.

If you’re curious of what we’ve been upto please come back often and see what I’ve added.