Those recipe boxes

Those recipe boxes

Yes that’s right, all of THOSE recipe boxes.  The ones that come mostly with all the ingredients and recipes all ready to go that turn almost anyone into a chef at home.  I had no idea there were actually so many versions out there.

It all started with Hello Fresh.  I really loved the first few boxes I got and so did my family.  It was great choosing the recipes and receiving the boxes with all the fresh goodies and exciting recipes was really great.

The box comes with all your ingredients conveniently packed into seperate bags for each recipe. The meat is packaged seperately and has cooler wrapping around it to keep it fresh.

My husband and I work full time and my daughter spends a full day at college and pretty much the  last thing anyone feels like doing at the end of a long day is thinking  up something original and cooking.

The recipe boxes allow you to choose options that are quick and interesting and you always have those recipes that you really enjoyed to hand for the future.

I’m also really hoping that they will get rid of the plastic packaging

I’m going to have to work on some food photography now.  Maybe I’ll even do some 3D food photography just because I can 🙂

It was rather unfortunate that we started experiencing problems with orders to the extent that I eventually gave up. I just don’t have the time and energy to have to check that my order is correct before it gets shipped.  I would also prefer an option where I can decide this week that I want a box next week and not have to remember to cancel it so that I don’t end up with a box the week after that….. in other words, I really don’t want to subscribe to any specific box.

We have also tried Simply Cook.  This is a little box that arrives through your post box with recipes and a box of spices per recipe along with a grocery list for each recipe.  I love the idea but again forgot to check when my next order was due to select receipes and ended up with ones I’d not normally choose because we don’t eat seafood.

Here you can see the oblong box which has the spices in it with the recipe. The ingredients you have to buy yourself.

But just in case there is that one out there that is better than the others, we have decided to give a few more boxes a try.

It helps a lot that my husband will be spending some time at home on leave and he really does seem to enjoy the kitchen every now and then and produces really awesome weekend meals.

So some of the other recipe boxes out there I’ve listed are below.  Are there any I’ve missed that I should perhaps try?

Mindful Chef

My Cook Box

My Feast Box



Able and Cole


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